Frequently asked questions

What is KICC?

The KPMG Innovation and Collaboration Challenge (KICC) is your chance solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Embark on a journey of learning, explore new innovations and experience what it’s like to be a professional business consultant.

During KICC, you’ll work in teams of four to explore global issues, tackle big business briefs and even see your ideas make a difference in the real world.

And if that wasn’t enough, the top team per country will join us at the 2019 grand final in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where you’ll have the opportunity to make your ideas a reality.

What is the KICC Challenge about?

KICC is a series of challenges for you and your team to complete. Test the skills and ideas you have and put your creative, strategic, business and global hats on.

In round 1, you’ll be asked:

What innovations would help to empower people in disadvantaged communities to take control of their own health and well-being?

To answer the question, you can choose any company you like (a profit or not-for-profit organization). You’ll then create an idea for that company that will empower people in disadvantaged communities to take control of their health and well-being. It should also innovate, disrupt and transform your selected company’s current business model. Your idea could be anything from a new process, to a new technology, to a new service, to anything in between.

When do the international finals take place?

KICC 2019 takes place 8-11 April in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Am I eligible to apply?

We want the best thinkers in the world to apply for KICC. But as well as being forward-thinking and innovative, you and your team need to check all these points if you want to take part:

  • Your country is participating in KICC 2019
  • You and your team of 4 are currently enrolled in a full-time Undergraduate/Bachelor’s degree program with at least 1 year remaining of your studies.
  • I have a team of 4 students with at least 1 male and 1 female on my team

What happens after me and my team submit the idea for the challenge?

Check here for an overview of participating countries. After the deadline as set by your local KPMG firm, the recruiter from your country will let you and your team know if your idea has been picked to go on to the next round; the national finals.

Can I participate if my home country is not listed as a participant?

To participate in KPMG's Innovation and Collaboration Challenge, you must compete as part of a nationally sponsored KPMG team. This means that you need to be enrolled in a Undergraduate/Bachelor’s degree within the country you wish to apply in and/or be a citizen of that country.

What can I expect if my team is chosen to go to the national finals?

During the national finals you and your team will further work on the idea that you have submitted. You will present your idea to a panel of KPMG judges.

What can I expect if my team is chosen to go to the international finals?

KPMG member firms provide many professional services to clients, and the challenge that you and your team will work on during the finals reflect this. You will collaborate with people from KPMG and students from all over the world to find innovative solutions for a real-life KPMG client. Get ready to innovate, disrupt and transform!

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate in the international final. All travel costs to the finals are covered by KPMG.

Do I have to be a student to participate?

Yes, only active students can participate in the KPMG Innovation & Collaboration Challenge. You must be currently enrolled in a full-time Undergraduate/Bachelor’s degree program with at least 1 year remaining of your studies. Your intended degree and field of study can vary, but we encourage students from all disciplines to participate in the competition.

What is the format of the competition?

The international competition takes place over four days. An example of the 2018 format is below:

  • Day 1: Get to know KPMG member firm leaders and recruiters as well as other participants at the KICC opening ceremony, networking activity and celebratory dinner.
  • Day 2: Country teams are split into new groupings to work together with colleagues from across the globe to analyze and present their first case to our judging panel made up of KPMG leaders. Afterward, enjoy a free evening to experience and explore the host city.
  • Day 3: Back in your national team, you will compete in a second round of case analysis. You will analyze a different case and present back to separate judging panels. In the evening we will announce the 3 finalist teams. A group dinner is held in the evening to enjoy, relax and network.
  • Day 4: The finalist teams analyze and present a new case to the entire judging panel and all non-finalist teams. The winning team is announced at a celebratory reception that evening.

Is there a prize for the winning team?

Yes, each member of the KICC 2019 International final winning team is awarded a prize.

Can I participate in KICC even if I do not have a valid passport for international travel?

Yes, you can. However, if your team wins your national round and is eligible to travel to the international finals, you are responsible for having the appropriate travel documents.

Will KPMG offer me employment if my team wins KICC or if I participate in it?

It is possible, but not guaranteed. This competition is treated as a separate event to any local member firm's official recruitment process.

Will I be allowed to extend my stay at my own cost?

This depends on local firm guidelines. For details on your local competition, please contact your local representative.

Will KPMG help me secure a visa, if required, if my team is selected for the event?

KPMG will work with you to the extent possible to secure travel documents. As requirements for each country vary, please contact your local firm directly for more information.